Content Power Pack

This PACK contains 7 product at a discount offer of N10,500 (instead of N52,500):

  1. Content Hacking Bootcamp
  2. Content Pillar Matrix Template
  3. Content Idea Goldmine Worksheet
  4. Carousel Template Bundle
  5. Carousel Content Ideas Playbook
  6. Content Secrets Exposed [Training]
  7. Instagram Page Audit Checklist

I have been creating content online for over 5 years now. In spite of working a 9 to 5 for the most part of these years, and currently as an independent consultant, I hardly encounter burnout, never lack what to post, and my content easily attracts clients to me. Note that I used the word ‘ATTRACT’, not sell. And this is where the problem lies…

Many businesses struggle with attracting clients online because their content appears too salesy, pushy, robotic or outright boring!

Do you try so hard to get your audiences’ attention, but every time you put out content, CRICKETS!!! Little or No reactions, let alone sales! ugh!

No, they’re not deaf – after all you can hear them loudly on other people’s pages…




– A Bundle of Tools, Templates & Resources You Need to Create Content That Easily Converts, And Attracts More Clients and Sales to Your Business Online.

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Instagram Page Audit Checklist (5 pages)

It’s about time you stopped losing customers on Instagram.

This Instagram Page Audit Template is exactly what you need to fix that business page.

Its a self help audit checklist that asks you the right questions about your page, and offers suggestions on how to improve and maximize the platform to attract customers.

This Audit Checklist is a steal at the price offered! Get it now at 50% OFF!

Step by Step eBook Checklist [for beginners]

Creating and launching an eBook may seem daunting for you.

What do you do first? What do you do second? How do you know you’re doing the right things? And the questions go on and on… ultimately leading to overwhelm, inaction and more procrastination.

But, when you know exactly what to do, it’s a breeze! Your book can be completed in record time, ready for the market to receive it.

This is why I’ve created this eBook Checklist to show you what you need to do, literally, in what order from step one to the end.  Every single step broken down in the right order, instead of just separate pieces of the whole puzzle…

I would’ve given anything to have this checklist when I was just starting, and I am super excited to be able to share it with you.

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Step by Step Online Course Checklist

If you’ve ever wanted to launch an Online Course this STEP BY STEP CHECKLIST is for you!!!

What you’ll see there is practically 7 years journey of learning, unlearning, testing, making mistakes and refining processes – all distilled into 2 pages! WOW!!!

Let’s just say I went through all that so you don’t have to. Now all you need to do is follow the steps one after the other, and launch that course!

No need for trials, errors or days of confusion. Just get this Online Course Checklist, implement effectively and make good progress with your course.

This is something I wish I had when I started this journey almost a decade ago. And today, I’m letting you have it almost for free!

Step by Step Webinar/Masterclass Checklist

So you have decided to host a Webinar.  But you are unsure how exactly to follow through till the end.

What do you do 1st?

And after that, what do you do next?

How can you set up this webinar and properly execute it without confusing yourself with the exact steps to follow?

We created this Webinar Checklist to make things easy for you. Its a workload of learning and re-learning, cramped into 2 pages. All you need do is follow each step and execute with ease.

This will save you lots of time, brain wracking, and overthinking! Get it now!!!