Carousel Templates Bundle

Save yourself the long hours you use to design one carousel post, and take this entire Carousel Bundle for a fraction of it’s price!!!

It contains:

  • 1hr 39mins Full training on how to design attention-grabbing Instagram Carousel posts (swipeable posts) easily using CANVA.
  • 15 Carousel Design Templates (square and vertical) DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • 10 Carousel Splitable Templates with guidelines DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • 10 Carousel Story Templates DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • Access to over 150 transparent background free stock photos you can use
  • Video training on how to turn carousel posts to auto-swipe videos and add voice over to it.
  • Video trainings on how to create GLOW outlines with your images, design silhouette photos and create many more effects to boost your carousel content (using Canva)
  • Access to my Carousels Concept playbook

Be among the first people to get this all at a STEAL before price goes up!

Click the link below to purchase.

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