Content Creation Bundle

This PACK contains 7 product at a discount offer of N10,500 (instead of N53,500):

  1. Content Hacking Bootcamp
  2. Content Pillar Matrix Template
  3. Content Idea Goldmine Worksheet
  4. Carousel Content Ideas Playbook
  5. Content Secrets Exposed [Training]

I have been creating content online for over 5 years now. In spite of working a 9 to 5 for the most part of these years, and currently as an independent consultant, I hardly encounter burnout, never lack what to post, and my content easily attracts clients to me. Note that I used the word ‘ATTRACT’, not sell. And this is where the problem lies…

Many businesses struggle with attracting clients online because their content appears too salesy, pushy, robotic or outright boring!

Do you try so hard to get your audiences’ attention, but every time you put out content, CRICKETS!!! Little or No reactions, let alone sales! ugh!

No, they’re not deaf – after all you can hear them loudly on other people’s pages…




– A Bundle of Tools, Templates & Resources You Need to Create Content That Easily Converts, And Attracts More Clients and Sales to Your Business Online.

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Checklist Bundle for Coaches

Imagine how easy it would be if you had all the steps required for hosting webinars, and launching your new book or online course all mapped out for you.

You plan to host a  Webinar, launch an eBook or Online course.  But you are unsure how exactly to follow through till the end.

What do you do 1st?

And after that, what do you do next?

How can you properly execute without confusing yourself with the exact steps to follow?

We created these Checklists to make things easier for you. Its a workload of learning and re-learning, cramped into these pages. All you need do is follow each step and execute with ease.

This will save you lots of time, brain wracking, and overthinking!

Every Coach should have this. Get yours now!!!

The Busy Person’s 10 step guide to launching an eBook

You’ve been wanting to launch a book. Every year. But your busy schedule isn’t helping.

I created this 10 step guide to help you get started. It is quick, straight to the point and shows you the actionable steps to follow. Now you probably don’t have an excuse for stalling.

It’s quick. So, if you are a fast reader you should finish this in 30 mins or less.

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Carousels Content Ideas Playbook

This eBook offers a visual display of how different brands use carousels to engage their audiences.

It’s a book of random, creative ideas used by different brands, that can help you stir your creative juice especially when it comes to designing appealing, and engaging carousels that your audience will love.

Grab a copy!


How to use WhatsApp to Drive Sales [eBook]

Understand the power of WhatsApp to drive your business. Get this eBook to read more about how to untap the world of Whatsapp for your business. The eBook covers:

1. Proven WhatsApp stategies you can apply to your business for increased visibility and sales.
2. How to use WhatsApp to drive sales.
3. How NOT to use WhatsApp to drive sales.
4. An understanding of WhatsAppTV and how it can boost your business.
5. Whatsapp hacks and tricks you probably didn’t know
6. Understanding the Statistics and facts.
7. WhatsApp Case studies and success stories!

Other areas covered in the eBook include:
– How to extract contact list from your WhatsApp groups
– How to send bulk messages using WhatsApp – How to send messages without saving the numbers on your phone.
– How to schedule WhatsApp messages
and more… I promise you it will be an exciting and insightful read.