Profitable Idea Workbook

If you need help crafting your profitable idea and ‘I help statement’ you need to download this winning workbook.

It helps you break down all your ideas, identify the one that’s most profitable and craft your messaging to speak directly to the audience who will pay you for your knowledge.

This workbook will give you clarity and the definition you need to start presenting your knowledge and gifts to the world so you can be paid.

Click the link below to pay and download it. (You can print it, or use a notebook alongside to fill in your responses).


Content Creation Bundle

This PACK contains 7 product at a discount offer of N10,500 (instead of N53,500):

  1. Content Hacking Bootcamp
  2. Content Pillar Matrix Template
  3. Content Idea Goldmine Worksheet
  4. Carousel Content Ideas Playbook
  5. Content Secrets Exposed [Training]

I have been creating content online for over 5 years now. In spite of working a 9 to 5 for the most part of these years, and currently as an independent consultant, I hardly encounter burnout, never lack what to post, and my content easily attracts clients to me. Note that I used the word ‘ATTRACT’, not sell. And this is where the problem lies…

Many businesses struggle with attracting clients online because their content appears too salesy, pushy, robotic or outright boring!

Do you try so hard to get your audiences’ attention, but every time you put out content, CRICKETS!!! Little or No reactions, let alone sales! ugh!

No, they’re not deaf – after all you can hear them loudly on other people’s pages…




– A Bundle of Tools, Templates & Resources You Need to Create Content That Easily Converts, And Attracts More Clients and Sales to Your Business Online.

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Checklist Bundle for Coaches

Imagine how easy it would be if you had all the steps required for hosting webinars, and launching your new book or online course all mapped out for you.

You plan to host a  Webinar, launch an eBook or Online course.  But you are unsure how exactly to follow through till the end.

What do you do 1st?

And after that, what do you do next?

How can you properly execute without confusing yourself with the exact steps to follow?

We created these Checklists to make things easier for you. Its a workload of learning and re-learning, cramped into these pages. All you need do is follow each step and execute with ease.

This will save you lots of time, brain wracking, and overthinking!

Every Coach should have this. Get yours now!!!

Carousel Templates Bundle

Save yourself the long hours you use to design one carousel post, and take this entire Carousel Bundle for a fraction of it’s price!!!

It contains:

  • 1hr 39mins Full training on how to design attention-grabbing Instagram Carousel posts (swipeable posts) easily using CANVA.
  • 15 Carousel Design Templates (square and vertical) DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • 10 Carousel Splitable Templates with guidelines DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • 10 Carousel Story Templates DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • Access to over 150 transparent background free stock photos you can use
  • Video training on how to turn carousel posts to auto-swipe videos and add voice over to it.
  • Video trainings on how to create GLOW outlines with your images, design silhouette photos and create many more effects to boost your carousel content (using Canva)
  • Access to my Carousels Concept playbook

Be among the first people to get this all at a STEAL before price goes up!

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4 Editable eBook Templates (PowerPoint Versions)

Are you looking to write and launch an eBook?

We have made part of the work easy for you by creating these 4 editable templates you can download and instantly use. It has been created using PowerPoint, with the ideal dimensions of a Book.

Each template comes in a different design and they all include:

  • Cover page dimension created for you to replace with your ideal design (You can use to design a cover page)
  • Table of content page already designed for you to edit and input the right page numbers per chapter
  • Chapter design done for you to edit
  • About the Author page designed for you to edit and input your photos

To use, simply do the following:

  1. Write your eBook manuscript in Ms. Word or Google Docs
  2. Copy and paste per chapter into any of the 4 Templates downloaded
  3. Insert photos where needed
  4. Ensure all designs and elements are in order
  5. Save file as PDF
  6. eBook ready!

These Powerpoint templates are up for sale at a steal!

Click to watch a video demo on How to use these Templates.

Click the button to purchase all 4 of them.