Facebook Takeover Bundle

Access Over 6 million Potential Buyers for FREE On Facebook!!!

This bundle contains…

  • 80 Nigerian Facebook Groups you can advertise in for FREE+ Advertising guidelines inside to aid you.
  • 20 Foreign Facebook Groups you can join for FREE, to network and expose your business to the rest of the world
  • Back-to-Facebook Tour – Identifying what is new and how to navigate your way around the platform (video)
  • How to enlist your products on Facebook Marketplace (video)
  • 20 Facebook Influencers you can consider to advertise your products and services
  • How to set up a Business Community on Facebook, build Authority and monetize it – Case studies included (video)
  • How to know the ideal platform to use for your business – Facebook profile vs Page vs Group? (video)
  • How to attract traffic consistently to your Facebook Business Community (video)
  • 5 strategies to keep your Facebook Community constantly engaged and alive (video)
  • BONUS: How to setup a Facebook Page (video)
  • BONUS: How to setup a Facebook Group (video)

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Side Income Masterclass

This 1 Hour 47 minutes masterclass is for:

– The 9 to 5 salary earner who is tired of being paid 12x in 365 days…

– The bank worker who has been stuck on her job level for years with no promotion or salary increase…

– The worker who is tired of being owed salary multiple times in the year and can barely keep up with bills, expenses and high cost of  living…

– The current employee who knows that this job she’s on, has no security, and won’t take her anywhere…

– The current employee who is uncomfortable on her 9-5 jobs because she fears that one day, they might cut her off…

– The former employee who got sacked from her job just recently and is confused about how to create a new income…

– Anyone who is tired of being broke every month and wants a business that is guaranteed to get you paid.

– Anyone who wants to earn multiple streams of income with their knowledge and skills.

– Anyone who wants to extend their ideas and capabilities to a global market.

What you will learn in this Masterclass…

– How to kickoff your side income plans (discover what I did while at my 9 to 5, and what you too can do)

– Side income sources you can start exploring right now that could possibly pay you more than your current salary and how to go about them

– How to create additional income using the resources that are currently available to you. E.g. the internet

– Strategies for starting low cost side income businesses that can pay you daily even while you’re at work or asleep at home

– Dollar earning opportunities you can explore to earn income easily with little to no effort from you.

– How to effectively turn your knowledge, and network to income

– What to do and what NOT to do when transitioning from your 9 – 5 job– Next steps, decisions and action plan

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Content Creation Bundle

This PACK contains 7 product at a discount offer of N10,500 (instead of N53,500):

  1. Content Hacking Bootcamp
  2. Content Pillar Matrix Template
  3. Content Idea Goldmine Worksheet
  4. Carousel Content Ideas Playbook
  5. Content Secrets Exposed [Training]

I have been creating content online for over 5 years now. In spite of working a 9 to 5 for the most part of these years, and currently as an independent consultant, I hardly encounter burnout, never lack what to post, and my content easily attracts clients to me. Note that I used the word ‘ATTRACT’, not sell. And this is where the problem lies…

Many businesses struggle with attracting clients online because their content appears too salesy, pushy, robotic or outright boring!

Do you try so hard to get your audiences’ attention, but every time you put out content, CRICKETS!!! Little or No reactions, let alone sales! ugh!

No, they’re not deaf – after all you can hear them loudly on other people’s pages…




– A Bundle of Tools, Templates & Resources You Need to Create Content That Easily Converts, And Attracts More Clients and Sales to Your Business Online.

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Smartphone video editing course

Video Editing Course

Would you like to create AMAZING VIDEOS that will easily capture your Customers’ Attention Online?

Then sign up now and gain access to this Video Editing Course that has been put together for you.

Below is the FULL LIST OF WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER in the Video Editing Training/Course:

✅ Basics of smartphone video creation (camera settings, angles, video formats, platforms adaptations, etc.

✅ The tools and FREE apps needed to create and edit your videos (I’ll show you my favourite 2 apps compatible for iPhone and Android and FREE too)

✅ How to trim/cut/split and arrange different video clips together

✅ How to filter your videos for best quality

✅ How to add music, sound or voice over to your videos

✅ How to add smooth transitions in your videos

✅ How to speedup and slow down your video realistically

✅ How to add text, name cards and caption to videos (automated captions too)

✅ How to easily duplicate yourself in a video

✅ How to animate objects, images, etc.

✅ How to add progress bar to your videos



👉🏼 How to setup a YouTube Channel, upload videos, add SUBSCRIBE and LIKE animations to your YouTube videos

👉🏼 How to apply green screen effects and overlays on your videos to make them fun and interesting to watch

👉🏼 How to change the background of your videos

👉🏼 How to shrink your video and still retain its quality

👉🏼 How to double the volume of your videos




And I’m not even done! You get to access the Course for a full year, so you can take your time and practice at your pace.

Oh! There’s more! You’ll also get a support group where you can be easily motivated and supported to ensure you get your videos right!!!


This Course is for:

– Business Owners Online

– Digital Marketers

– Social media page managers

– YouTubers

– Content Creators

– Bloggers

– Freelancers

– Coaches or Consultants

– Anyone in need of such highly sought after skill that can easily yield income

– Etc.


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How to Market & Sell your eBook

Someone mailed me months back, with a major challenge. He had launched 9 eBooks but wasn’t making any sales.

Now, this may be easy to question, but many of us are in such positions right now. Maybe not 9, but you probably have that Book/eBook you have just launched that is very low on sales. Or, you have your book ready, but lack a strategy to put it out to the market and actually have people want to pay you for it.

If you can relate, this training was put together for you. And because you missed the actual LIVE training, I have made the replay available for you to access.

It details:

  1. TOP 10 MISTAKES people make when launching their eBooks
  2. Opportunities that you attract when you launch your eBook
  3. How I made money from my FREE eBook
  4. CASE STUDIES on how I marketed and sold my eBooks
  5. CASE STUDIES on how 2 of my trainees marketed and sold their eBooks
  6. Incentive packages you can create to increase the value of your book and increase sales
  7. How to plan your eBook launch or relaunch
  8. Steps to launching your eBook
  9. How to market your eBook effectively

Once you complete this almost 2Hrs Training, you should be well equipped to profit immensely from your eBook.

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Carousel Templates Bundle

Save yourself the long hours you use to design one carousel post, and take this entire Carousel Bundle for a fraction of it’s price!!!

It contains:

  • 1hr 39mins Full training on how to design attention-grabbing Instagram Carousel posts (swipeable posts) easily using CANVA.
  • 15 Carousel Design Templates (square and vertical) DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • 10 Carousel Splitable Templates with guidelines DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • 10 Carousel Story Templates DESIGNED FOR YOU!!!
  • Access to over 150 transparent background free stock photos you can use
  • Video training on how to turn carousel posts to auto-swipe videos and add voice over to it.
  • Video trainings on how to create GLOW outlines with your images, design silhouette photos and create many more effects to boost your carousel content (using Canva)
  • Access to my Carousels Concept playbook

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How to sell anything with Webinars

Did you know the most successful businesses online have mastered the art of using Webinars to turnover massive sales??? This is because Webinars have been proven to one of the most effective mediums of promoting businesses online, boosting visibility and increasing sales.

The video replay, ‘How to sell anything with Webinars’, will give you deep insights and methods to use Webinars in your marketing strategy, i.e.:
1. Convert your followers/audience to buyers
2. Double your business prospects and leads
3. Increase business visibility and sales
4. Make massive profits and increase ROIs (returns on investments).

Bonus Video: How to host webinars and record videos using Zoom

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Marketing in a BOX (for startups and small businesses)

For many business owners who struggle with marketing, this course, MARKETING IN A BOX, will assess your efforts so far and help you re-adjust your methods. And if you are yet to begin marketing but have no clue how to, you will understand that marketing is not as complicated as you may have assumed.

This Marketing course has been broken down into a very simple, practical learning process for you all. No big marketing jargons, just a basic understanding of what applies in marketing and how we can relate it to doing business in Nigeria.


Module 1: Assessing your business
– An introduction
– Understanding your marketing objective
– Important things to consider
– Where to find your target market
– Setting SMART goals

Module 2: Understanding the market
– Introduction
– Researching your market
– 5 strategic places to find your customers (IG replay)
– Understanding your customers’ buying journey
– Knowing your customer and your consumer
– Creating customer personas
– Why should they buy?
– Finding what differentiates you from your competition
– Selling or solving?
– Knowing your ‘extra’ and selling it
– How to sell outcomes

Module 3: Your Business to the market
– The types of customers you will meet
– Packaging your product
– Setting your price
– Leveraging on partnerships and collaborations
– Leveraging others’ successes
– Leveraging event opportunities
– Marketing and advertising your business
– Applying traditional methods of advertising
– Applying digital methods of advertising
– Brand imaging

Bonus 1: Marketing Tips and Tricks

– 5 most effective ways to market your business online (IG replay)
– Tips and tricks for increasing sales
– Tips and tricks for marketing on social media
– What to do when you are losing customers based on price
– How to be intentional about being seen

–  Gantt Chart template
–  Goal setting guide
–  Sales prospecting checklist
–  Basic marketing plan template

BONUS 2: FREE eBooks
– 85 inspiring ways to market your small business by Jackie Javies (eBook)
– 101 ways to advertise your business by Andrew Griffiths (eBook)
– Market Research made easy by Don Doman & co.

Once you enrol for this course you will be redirected to our course site. Please signup, follow through each module carefully, watch the videos, listen to the audio podcasts, participate in the discussions, ask questions, share experiences and learn.

Ensure you grab your notebook, a pen, earpiece and your attention, and get ready to change your marketing game!!!

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