Profitable Idea Workbook

If you need help crafting your profitable idea and ‘I help statement’ you need to download this winning workbook.

It helps you break down all your ideas, identify the one that’s most profitable and craft your messaging to speak directly to the audience who will pay you for your knowledge.

This workbook will give you clarity and the definition you need to start presenting your knowledge and gifts to the world so you can be paid.

Click the link below to pay and download it. (You can print it, or use a notebook alongside to fill in your responses).


Content Creation Bundle

This PACK contains 7 product at a discount offer of N10,500 (instead of N53,500):

  1. Content Hacking Bootcamp
  2. Content Pillar Matrix Template
  3. Content Idea Goldmine Worksheet
  4. Carousel Content Ideas Playbook
  5. Content Secrets Exposed [Training]

I have been creating content online for over 5 years now. In spite of working a 9 to 5 for the most part of these years, and currently as an independent consultant, I hardly encounter burnout, never lack what to post, and my content easily attracts clients to me. Note that I used the word ‘ATTRACT’, not sell. And this is where the problem lies…

Many businesses struggle with attracting clients online because their content appears too salesy, pushy, robotic or outright boring!

Do you try so hard to get your audiences’ attention, but every time you put out content, CRICKETS!!! Little or No reactions, let alone sales! ugh!

No, they’re not deaf – after all you can hear them loudly on other people’s pages…




– A Bundle of Tools, Templates & Resources You Need to Create Content That Easily Converts, And Attracts More Clients and Sales to Your Business Online.

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The Content Idea Goldmine Worksheet

Confused about the type of content you can share to attract your audience?

Use this worksheet to come up with an unlimited amount of content ideas that attract and build an audience of high-quality people who will eventually turn into buyers.

We have divided your content sources into 5 key areas and if you follow them accurately, you will never run out of content for your audience.

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BUSINESS REVIEW KIT [30+ printables worksheets inside]

(Click here to view demo)

THE COMPLETE BUSINESS REVIEW KIT WITH OVER 30 PAGES OF WORKSHEETS IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ALMOST FREE!!! Click link in bio now to get yours, download, print and use the templates/worksheets to help your business!!!

If you usually scribble down ideas💡 in every jotter or paper or app you see, fill them half way and leave them, then this kit is for you!

If you have practically lost almost all your jotters📚 with all your ideas in them 🤦🏽‍♀️. Sometimes you save stuff on my phone or computer and lose or forget them there. Urgh!!!😖 infact you wish you could just be better at documenting stuff, then this is for you!

If you find the typical everyday jotter/journal boring 😒and would like something that pricks your mind, is dynamic, asks you the right questions, and helps you review your business activities better, this is for you!

If you like to review your business often and document the journey so far, as well as ideas as to where the business needs to go in the coming months, this is for you!📋

If you just love to try new things, is creative, and loves the idea of using interactive worksheets to learn and express myself freely📝, this is for you!

This business kit has been created for you to download📥, print🖨, put the sheets together in a folder (any folder), and have fun filling the worksheets as you review your business journey so far as well as make plans for the rest of the year!

Grab it now for before it goes!!!

Customer Avatar Worksheet (+Example)

Who is your Customer? This is a question most people find difficult to answer effectively. What we have done with this Customer Avatar worksheet, is to present you series of questions you can answer to better define your ideal customer.

Why is a customer avatar important?

  • It forms the foundation of your marketing strategy
  • It enables you have a clear and better definition or profile of your ideal customer
  • It helps you to better articulate and define your customers’ pain
  • It helps you discover how best to reach and connect with your customers especially when boosting ads

The best part?

We have provided a bonus example for you. It’s our own Customer Avatar, and should give you an idea on how to fill yours.

You’re welcome.