How to Market & Sell your eBook

Someone mailed me months back, with a major challenge. He had launched 9 eBooks but wasn’t making any sales.

Now, this may be easy to question, but many of us are in such positions right now. Maybe not 9, but you probably have that Book/eBook you have just launched that is very low on sales. Or, you have your book ready, but lack a strategy to put it out to the market and actually have people want to pay you for it.

If you can relate, this training was put together for you. And because you missed the actual LIVE training, I have made the replay available for you to access.

It details:

  1. TOP 10 MISTAKES people make when launching their eBooks
  2. Opportunities that you attract when you launch your eBook
  3. How I made money from my FREE eBook
  4. CASE STUDIES on how I marketed and sold my eBooks
  5. CASE STUDIES on how 2 of my trainees marketed and sold their eBooks
  6. Incentive packages you can create to increase the value of your book and increase sales
  7. How to plan your eBook launch or relaunch
  8. Steps to launching your eBook
  9. How to market your eBook effectively

Once you complete this almost 2Hrs Training, you should be well equipped to profit immensely from your eBook.

Click the button to purchase now.

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