Marketing in a BOX (for startups and small businesses)

For many business owners who struggle with marketing, this course, MARKETING IN A BOX, will assess your efforts so far and help you re-adjust your methods. And if you are yet to begin marketing but have no clue how to, you will understand that marketing is not as complicated as you may have assumed.

This Marketing course has been broken down into a very simple, practical learning process for you all. No big marketing jargons, just a basic understanding of what applies in marketing and how we can relate it to doing business in Nigeria.


Module 1: Assessing your business
– An introduction
– Understanding your marketing objective
– Important things to consider
– Where to find your target market
– Setting SMART goals

Module 2: Understanding the market
– Introduction
– Researching your market
– 5 strategic places to find your customers (IG replay)
– Understanding your customers’ buying journey
– Knowing your customer and your consumer
– Creating customer personas
– Why should they buy?
– Finding what differentiates you from your competition
– Selling or solving?
– Knowing your ‘extra’ and selling it
– How to sell outcomes

Module 3: Your Business to the market
– The types of customers you will meet
– Packaging your product
– Setting your price
– Leveraging on partnerships and collaborations
– Leveraging others’ successes
– Leveraging event opportunities
– Marketing and advertising your business
– Applying traditional methods of advertising
– Applying digital methods of advertising
– Brand imaging

Bonus 1: Marketing Tips and Tricks

– 5 most effective ways to market your business online (IG replay)
– Tips and tricks for increasing sales
– Tips and tricks for marketing on social media
– What to do when you are losing customers based on price
– How to be intentional about being seen

–  Gantt Chart template
–  Goal setting guide
–  Sales prospecting checklist
–  Basic marketing plan template

BONUS 2: FREE eBooks
– 85 inspiring ways to market your small business by Jackie Javies (eBook)
– 101 ways to advertise your business by Andrew Griffiths (eBook)
– Market Research made easy by Don Doman & co.

Once you enrol for this course you will be redirected to our course site. Please signup, follow through each module carefully, watch the videos, listen to the audio podcasts, participate in the discussions, ask questions, share experiences and learn.

Ensure you grab your notebook, a pen, earpiece and your attention, and get ready to change your marketing game!!!

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