Meme Marketing Course

At this Meme Marketing Course, You Will Discover How to Use Memes to Triple Visibility, Engagement and Sales.


  • How to position your business for increased visibility and sales using Memes (pronounced MEEM)
  • The 3-Step framework you must follow to create relatable, engaging and attention-grabbing memes
  • How to design memes for your online marketing, and source for photos and Gifs easily online
  • How to leverage existing trends and leverage viral marketing using Memes
  • Case studies of how big brands use Memes and how you too can adopt same for your business


  • 20 downloadable meme templates you can edit on Canva and adopt for your brand
  • 60+ most popularly used images for Memes, compiled for you to download and use freely
  • Download my Meme Playbook for viral content inspiration
  • Training on how to create your own personalized memes to use as WhatsApp stickers

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