30 Days Social Media Content Ideas (for Beauty & Makeup Biz)

Are you in the beauty or makeup business?

DO you sometimes lack what content to create for social media or for your emails?

Most times you post just makeup videos but there is more you can do to prove your expertise to your audience enough to make them want to consult your services.

To help you figure out other types of content you can create, we have put together this list of content ideas. Now all you need to worry about is to flesh out your expertise following each idea, and draw more sales to your business!

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The Content Idea Goldmine Worksheet

Confused about the type of content you can share to attract your audience?

Use this worksheet to come up with an unlimited amount of content ideas that attract and build an audience of high-quality people who will eventually turn into buyers.

We have divided your content sources into 5 key areas and if you follow them accurately, you will never run out of content for your audience.

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Carousels Content Ideas Playbook

This eBook offers a visual display of how different brands use carousels to engage their audiences.

It’s a book of random, creative ideas used by different brands, that can help you stir your creative juice especially when it comes to designing appealing, and engaging carousels that your audience will love.

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