4 Editable eBook Templates (PowerPoint Versions)

Are you looking to write and launch an eBook?

We have made part of the work easy for you by creating these 4 editable templates you can download and instantly use. It has been created using PowerPoint, with the ideal dimensions of a Book.

Each template comes in a different design and they all include:

  • Cover page dimension created for you to replace with your ideal design (You can use Canva.com to design a cover page)
  • Table of content page already designed for you to edit and input the right page numbers per chapter
  • Chapter design done for you to edit
  • About the Author page designed for you to edit and input your photos

To use, simply do the following:

  1. Write your eBook manuscript in Ms. Word or Google Docs
  2. Copy and paste per chapter into any of the 4 Templates downloaded
  3. Insert photos where needed
  4. Ensure all designs and elements are in order
  5. Save file as PDF
  6. eBook ready!

These Powerpoint templates are up for sale at a steal!

Click to watch a video demo on How to use these Templates.

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Step by Step eBook Checklist [for beginners]

Creating and launching an eBook may seem daunting for you.

What do you do first? What do you do second? How do you know you’re doing the right things? And the questions go on and on… ultimately leading to overwhelm, inaction and more procrastination.

But, when you know exactly what to do, it’s a breeze! Your book can be completed in record time, ready for the market to receive it.

This is why I’ve created this eBook Checklist to show you what you need to do, literally, in what order from step one to the end.  Every single step broken down in the right order, instead of just separate pieces of the whole puzzle…

I would’ve given anything to have this checklist when I was just starting, and I am super excited to be able to share it with you.

Click to purchase it!