Smartphone video editing course

Video Editing Course

Would you like to create AMAZING VIDEOS that will easily capture your Customers’ Attention Online?

Then sign up now and gain access to this Video Editing Course that has been put together for you.

Below is the FULL LIST OF WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER in the Video Editing Training/Course:

✅ Basics of smartphone video creation (camera settings, angles, video formats, platforms adaptations, etc.

✅ The tools and FREE apps needed to create and edit your videos (I’ll show you my favourite 2 apps compatible for iPhone and Android and FREE too)

✅ How to trim/cut/split and arrange different video clips together

✅ How to filter your videos for best quality

✅ How to add music, sound or voice over to your videos

✅ How to add smooth transitions in your videos

✅ How to speedup and slow down your video realistically

✅ How to add text, name cards and caption to videos (automated captions too)

✅ How to easily duplicate yourself in a video

✅ How to animate objects, images, etc.

✅ How to add progress bar to your videos



👉🏼 How to setup a YouTube Channel, upload videos, add SUBSCRIBE and LIKE animations to your YouTube videos

👉🏼 How to apply green screen effects and overlays on your videos to make them fun and interesting to watch

👉🏼 How to change the background of your videos

👉🏼 How to shrink your video and still retain its quality

👉🏼 How to double the volume of your videos




And I’m not even done! You get to access the Course for a full year, so you can take your time and practice at your pace.

Oh! There’s more! You’ll also get a support group where you can be easily motivated and supported to ensure you get your videos right!!!


This Course is for:

– Business Owners Online

– Digital Marketers

– Social media page managers

– YouTubers

– Content Creators

– Bloggers

– Freelancers

– Coaches or Consultants

– Anyone in need of such highly sought after skill that can easily yield income

– Etc.


DON’T MISS THIS FOR ANYTHING! Click the link below to purchase and access it immediately.